An Introduction 

Maria’s relationship with jewellery is rooted in her childhood. Born and raised in the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus by father, renowned Cypriot Artist, George Kotsonis and musician mother, Kleopatra Kotsoni, Maria developed an early interest in Art. Her home town, Paphos, has a rich cultural background dating back in the prehistoric era. Maria grew up playing amongst the early Greek and Roman ruins of the ancient capital of Cyprus, described by Homer as Aphrodite’s birthplace. As a teenager she became very keen in exploring her town’s earlier cultural heritage and influences from the Assyrian and Egyptian civilizations, particularly focusing on the cult of Aphrodite in Pale-Paphos, dating back to the 3rd millennium B.C.

Maria, obtained her B.A. Hons Degree in 3-D Design (Jewellery) at Central St. Martins College of Art-Design, London in 1991 and has been an active Jeweller since. She initially kept her own workshop in Paphos, where she worked as a bespoke Jewellery Designer.  In 1995 she moved to Athens where she worked for leading Greek Jewellery Firms, until the launching of her first Fine Jewellery collection, ‘Circles’,  in 1998. Through this collection Maria explored and perfected her skills as a micro-sculptor and an inventive jewellery designer. The collection comprised initially 40, then 50, original pieces in plain, 18K  yellow Gold, hand sculpted and crafted by Maria herself and was exhibited in Cyprus, Athens and New York. 
Maria's work is about Volume and pristine forms that she draws from the wold memory and the collective unconscious with strong references to nature and the ancient civilisations. She pays a lot of attention to detail. She often likes to use colour by means of precious gemstones. Her favourite metal is yellow gold because of it's unique colour and attributes. 

Maria’s work is also about balance, originality and visual impact. 

Maria keeps her own Workshop | Showroom in Nicosia since 2004 and produces her work in her home country Cyprus, working closely with skilful local craftsmen, blending traditional techniques with latest 3-D technology. 
The result is jewellery of impeccable craftsmanship, original design and classical aesthetic appreciated by wearers in all corners of the globe. 

'The Visual Language of Jewelry, traced through history, has always been about making a strong statement; I have always considered it as the sacret pathway to tracing my cultural heritage. My drive to explore, take in and deeply review what I perceived as the legacy from my predecessors, has formed my artistic identity and led to the rendering of my work’. 

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